About Us

Serving up authentic Italian food, legendary drinks, served with a side of genuine service!

Our Story

Modi & Rosa is all about famiglia. Here we aim to delight you with our authentic Italian cuisine of pasta, pizza, dessert and much more, prepared by our passionate Chefs and served by our passionate team.

We make sure our menu is as authentic as our food, and the chefs at Modi & Rosa ensure that we serve only the latest Italian food trends at the restaurant.

The heart of our restaurant is made possible by passionate employees who make it their business to delight each and every guest with memorable dining experiences from the moment you enter.

It is our promise to you that we bring only the best in casual authentic Italian dining along with fantastic hospitality so that we, the Modi & Rosa Famiglia become your favourite casual dining venue in Kuala Lumpur.

Our History

Cavaliere Modesto Marini gave many people their first taste of the thin crust pizza, authentic Italian cuisine, contemporary Italian cuisine, and the best luxury entertainment venues in Kuala Lumpur City. Modi & Rosa is the manifestation of his love and passion for Italian food, culture and hospitality wrapped in an environment perfect for the entire famiglia.

Our Mission

Our passion is for people and food, and believe that with passion everything is possible. We are driven to providing you with only the freshest ingredients and produce, and the most passionate kitchen and wait service staff you will ever encounter. Everyone here is genuinely happy to see you and we will stop at nothing to put a smile on your face and keep you coming back for more.

Pride for authentic Italian food served the way real Italians like it, served the way you and your famiglia like it. Recipes from our mama’s kitchen to your table. Food to warm the soul and get you and the whole famiglia smiling. That is the Italian way, that is our our way.

Famiglia because we are passionate and proud to be able to open our home to you and yours. This means you eat what we eat, you are treated the way our Italian mama’s treat us, and you are treated as one of the famiglia. Expect us to take care of you the way real famiglia does in Italy. This makes us family, this makes us famiglia.


“Famiglia means family. Welcome to Ours.” – Modesto Marini

Serving up authentic Italian Cuisine with genuine service that would make our Mama’s proud. Here we are all Famiglia, so you will treated and fed like one. Our meals here are always cooked with generous hands and big hearts.

Come explore our selection of Lunch & Dinner Specials daily from 12pm-3pm.

From birthdays to private functions let Modi & Rosa be your venue of choice when it comes to celebrations!

No meal is considered complete without strong coffee and something dolce (sweet). Treat yourself to our range of imported coffees from Italy and authentic desserts.

Legendary Happy Hours at Modi & Rosa await you. Daily from 3pm-9pm.

Made in Italy, our full range of products which include artisan handmade pastas, extra virgin olive oil, and mineral water will cater to all your epicurean desires.